Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I'm gonna recommend a book!

If you like British stuff, read Tickling The English by Dara O Briain. This Irishman has told me a hell of a lot about this culture of Brits, from history to how odd the people of Sheffield are. It amuses me lots. This isn't a proper review, I know, but I'm thinking this is the reason I call this blog Assorted Things... it doesn't really tell you much. Just assorted bits, and recommends things I think you might like. Or at least not hate, to consume your time on this Earth. *ramble ramble ramble*

Anyways, check it out if you see it at a library, or for free online, or something like that. If you've got money, buy it. Or if you're more like me, read in the store & go home again still with $20 in your pocket.

Julianna xo

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a great recommendation. I mostly read sciency or political stuff but that gets a bit heavy sometimes. I will keep your recommendation in mind & will let you know if I get around to reading it. :)