Friday, 11 March 2011

Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

I was just speechless this morning. Hearing about the Japanese tsunami, all I thought was: "Oh my god... my school is on that trip".

See, my school does a Japan trip every other year. And they just left for Japan yesterday. At least 3 of my friends are on that trip.

All I could think of was lunch yesterday when I was in the library and one of the kids in my English class said they were going to the airport soon, and how I wished them a good trip. I thought "Does this mean... I unknowingly wished them a good death? Oh my god..."

Turns out that thankfully no one is dead. But they are stuck in Alaska. This has brought on a lot of fantastic Sarah Palin jokes around my school. Slightly cruel way to make light of the situation, but it's working, and really distinguishes the intelligence of my classes (there was one airhead of a girl who'd never heard of her).

This really sucks for the people on the trip, but at the same time, I'm sure they're grateful just to be alive. The trip was $4000 per person for almost nothing, but my French teacher says Alaska is actually quite beautiful. So I hope they enjoy it anyways.

Still, I'm really grateful I saved my money for going to London in January (it was completely epic and I wouldn't undo it for anything), and it costed about half of the $4000 they paid. For me and my Mum. Note: we stayed with an online friend from Angry-Feet, the Tim Minchin Fan Forum, so it was fantastically cheap and I got to stay with a Tim Minchin fan.

Really interested to find out what the heck happens next to my dance teacher, principal & my friends in Alaska. Apparently there are more earthquakes happening (though not as severe as the earthquake with the 8.9 magnitude Japan already experienced, there was a second one at the magnitude level of 6.8 & maybe more to come), so the trip is probably ruined. I feel badly for them, but I'm grateful no one I knew died (though no doubt it's terrible for the people in Japan right now & I'm sympathetic to anyone who was there & all that... I'm not solely concerned if it's people I knew).

Anyways, that's what my knowledge of the Earthquake. That, and that it was so huge, that it was felt in Beijing. That's crazy.
Julianna xo

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