Sunday, 13 March 2011

And now Japan has a volcano attack. Have they not had enough?

Clearly this is revenge for them killing all those whales.

Well, no, cos there isn't really any correlation between nations with more vegetarian products & high levels of safety, but yeah... there's really nothing other than mass whale-killing that Japan did to deserve this massive "Judgement Day" situation. Watching footage is insane. Pictures even... just crazy. Earthquake, Tsunami, and Volcano. In the span of less than a week. Lots of people aren't even aware of the volcano & are beyond appalled at the circumstances.

Click this link: Footage of the Tsunami flooding the streets

It's just insane. Toppled apartment buildings. Cars floating like they're vegetables in soup. Now a freakin' volcano in addition. Almost 10,000 deaths now. Incredible.

I am so sorry for the nation of Japan.
Julianna xoxo

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