Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tim Minchin on Charlieissocoollike's show

This is incredible. Tim Minchin, my favourite musical comedian & Charlie McDonnell of charlieissocoollike (the YouTube user) did a show together. On YouTube. For Red Nose Day (a humongous charity comedy show in UK, for those who don't know).

But they did something very depressing: Charlie (who that day was oddly technically challenged) FORGOT to turn on the mic.

Fellow Tim Minchin fans (and anyone who knows me well) will know how annoying this is for me. I am extremely joyful they met in the first place, but really... how could you Charlie?

My friend Egle (who I just finished talking with through Skype... she's in Ireland & I'm in Canada... what an incredible bit of technology, but I'll leave that for another time) says it's probably just a very sneaky way to advertise for Red Nose Day.

This is entirely possible. This has evidence.

I'm gonna be semi-controversial and compare this to religion.

Egle has a perfectly logical theory:

Charlie is a bit above average in intelligence. Not a genius, but smart all the same. He has done YouTube videos a lot. He's forgot to turn on the mic for one of the most awesome videos of his life? If anything, he'd probably check everything 3 times. And his microphone's clearly not glitched, as he did record the video to tell us about it, and didn't have to get a new one. This doesn't really make sense.

Also while looking back at previous takes, acclaimed YouTube user for about half a decade KNOWN for his music & funniness Charlie McDonnell would probably have noticed "Hey there's no sound! Let's turn on the microphone". And Charlie did say he definitely did more than one take (the hour and a half that Tim Minchin was supposed to do with Charlie became 4 hours... what a nice guy Tim is).

Her argument is like saying you have say, no God. No God (Hypothesis X, or just X if you will, so I can sound smarter and we can make this shorter) has evidence going for it. It says "Here's your flaw in logic... when people look up into the sky, why is is that they can't see him & that no person has seen him?"

Context: If you had a YouTube show which you edited, how could you not see & hear when you looked back at takes that there was no sound?    

My argument (at least originally) was more that of a religious person. "X doesn't make sense cos I've seen people be affected by God. It could happen that there is a particular God who on particular days who when pray to him in particular ways grants prayers. It could happen."

Context: Charlie is "people".  He was very sad and did a *headdesk*, therefore yeah, there actually was a mic mishap. Cos he said so. Even though the rest of it sounds a bit iffy (the whole somehow he didn't notice ). Charlie could be that stupid.  

One is logical, one is emotional. For now, I'm thinking in a slightly denial-filled way: "Charlie could be that stupid."

But really... he could, right?
The only bit of information which completely destroys this metaphor I've tried to form (did I do ok? I hope so...) is that Charlie could've very well done may takes with Tim & actually never watched them. But as a YouTube user, I must say I have never done a take & not watched at least a bit of it directly afterwards. Otherwise, you can't know if you need to do another take or not.

Here's the video. Decide for yourself, based on what you've read here. Comment. 

Julianna xo


  1. Hmm...I'm not sure I fully understand your comparison but I think your conclusion is spot on. It is possible that he forgot but a good deal of the current evidence points to a good possibility that it was planned. Hard to say either way unless more evidence comes forth - you know, kind of like God except a little clearer and more reality-based. ;)

  2. Thanks. Yeah, I wondered if I was taking it a little too dramatically/inaccurately but couldn't think of a better simile. *shrugs*

    Julianna xo