Sunday, 8 May 2011

Day 4 of Poetry

Many entries today cos I leave things last minute!

3 wishes:

First, I would wish that I never had to pay for plane trips. This would allow me to travel a lot easier, and see tons of my friends & favourite live shows around the world. I could not be greedy and buy myself a massive house or anything like that, yet I would be a lot more happy. Perfect.

Secondly, I wish my community had Nuit Blanche monthly. The creative, free spirited vibe of the city comes to life that night, and it makes Toronto a better place.

Lastly, I would make it impossible for people to abuse power. This way, the world would have the ability to suffer enough to not make the world boring, but they would not be able to massacre 1000s of people in wars or mislead massive religious groups. It'd create the closest thing to perfect I can think of.

A story in 55 words or less (of course, I used up all 55... I can never make things short. *sigh*):

The duo ran towards the smoking saucer through the dark.
"Any survivors?" The mother asked.
The teenage son inspected the inside. "Just one, and it's injured."
The ship began to glow neon green, and the humans ran.
A beam of electricity shot through the air, and they turned to dust in the green man's silhouette.

5-8 line poem about a Tim Burton-related theme, or Tim Burton character or film.

Once upon time, there lived a tiny little boy on the top of the hill
Who was so very thin, you'd think he was ill
He lived with both sets of his grandparents, his Mum and his Dad
Eating nothing but cabbage soup, but he was never sad
For he had a dream of winning the prize
Of seeing the inside of the factory which had been hidden from his eyes
Then one lucky day, of all the people under the sun
Skinny, little Charlie Bucket won!

Julianna xo

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