Sunday, 8 May 2011

Day 6 of Poetry: Self Reflection

Self Reflection. Reflect about your entire English class year in a poem or essay. 
Note: I squeezed in a Tim Minchin reference. 

Nothing ruins self-reflections like being graded
That is a well-established fact
I can never seem to give bad reviews, no matter what
I seem to like school, I've never had regrets nor wanted to go back
I've never lamented about essays, comments, actions, or grades
I'm sorry, I really don't have any complaints.

I'm content with what I've got.
Every time they ask "How you feel about the class and what you've done?"
I'm honestly enjoying the class
I'm just grateful to be out of Ms. Clark's room (though I don't mean to poke fun)

I've loved the cartoons and films, the academic analyzing,
The funny skits and challenging debates and discussions
And when the class gets far from perfect on a grammar test due to lack of practice
I think it's great that we decide the repercussions

I enjoy the class, I wouldn't change it if I could
Just please don't dock me marks
For saying the entire class was good

Julianna xoxo

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