Thursday, 28 April 2011

Tim Minchin is coming to town!!!

This has made me very happy. Tim Minchin is coming back to Toronto after being away for less than a year. I do have to hug the man... again.

For those of you who somehow don't know Tim Minchin despite knowing me in person, shame on you. If there's anyone I haven't met who reads this, then please follow me with a Google account and I will be very happy someone other than my friends reads this blog.

Anyways, he's a brilliant musical comedian, musical theatre writer, and actor. You really do have to YouTube "Dark Side" and "Rock and Roll Nerd" (note: there's swearing in the 2nd one). I've traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to see him. He's that good.

Anyways, he's playing at the Winter Garden Theatre on June 3rd, and I've got tickets to go with 3 friends and 2 family members (who are also loyal Tim Minchin fans). It's gonna be fantastic.

I've also found my online friends Sarah K and Alison Danger S are going! Sarah K is a neuroscientist who loves British comedy (her blog is absolutely great, if you want to check it out..., and Alison is a semi-punk arts student and proud ginger. I'm very excited to see them both. 

After all, look how happy I was last time! Surely it'll be at least as good seeing her again, PLUS Alison. Plus Tim. Plus 5 awesome people.

And LOOK at the venue. Such a beautiful theatre... it's like being in a very elegant forest.

I was appalled at how fast tickets went though... it's the presale and more than 13 rows are gone. The PRESALE. Only 2 days in. And the presale requires an exclusive password (that's ginger by the way. Ginger is the best possible password. Ever). So he's at least selling well, but this means the best seats I could get were 3rd row center in the Mezzanine (3rd row of the balcony. They just call it mezzanine cos it sounds fancy).

Tim Minchin is going to have one incredibly packed house. 
Julianna xoxo 


  1. It will be the first time I see Tim live! So excited. I waited until I heard back from two friends (who are coming!) before hitting the presale - row R.

  2. I just made a Toronto meetup thread on Angry-Feet (Meetup section at the bottom). Let's arrange something! I think we could get 10 feeters together for a pre-show chat and stuff. :D

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