Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Light-Hearted Look At Murder by Mark Watson

Another amazing engaging British book by someone who is funny and describes random situations. I love it.

This book is by one of my favourite comedians, Mark Watson. I love him for his shy, stalky, geeky, Bristolian logic. He's a great writer and a great comedian. And he wrote this book, which I am currently reading for the second time and loving. Thank you for lending it to me!

It's about a Hitler impersonator called Andreas falling in love with a 6 foot 8 woman, then ending up in jail. After being written to by Alexandra, a girl forced to live with her brother in London, doing a bland office job for a history TV channel, Andreas sends Alexandra all his memoirs. The catch is, they're all in German. The story is about her awkward social life, ongoing correspondence with him, translating the memoirs, all the while reading his incredibly obscure life story as to how he came to prison.

I highly recommend it. Anyways, like James May's book, I'm gonna write down the fancy words. Get ready for even more fancy words. Oh yeah.
Julianna xoxo

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