Thursday, 14 April 2011


I seem to be battling a homophobe. Can I just say, I really have no respect them. When you do confront them, they back away like an elephant scared by the squeal of a pig. 

I'm 14, and I seem to have brought an Australian Uni student to the raw evidence-less remarks a defenseless drunk teenager would use. That's sad.

The facebook conversation went as follows. I've made it purposely vague, cos I don't want to get anyone involved in drama. But seriously guys, this is ridiculous. The only thing I changed is I put an asterisk in the swear words (e.g. f*ck) . That's how crazy this was. Note the lack of capitalization, apostrophes and punctuation in her writing...

My friend wrote about how she had some sort of sickness.

Homophobe: gay

Me: ^ homophobe?

Homophobe: i mean it sucks, it's 'gay' that she has tonsilitis

Me: So... you're using gay as a negative word... and you seriously couldn't just say "that sucks" or "too bad"? You couldn't just use a normal phrase that doesn't subtly violate people?

Me: It's an innocent mistake, but I think you'll survive if you don't use gay as a synonym for terrible...

Homophobe: wow, get over it, it's just a word

Me: Yeah, but still... I think you could do better. The N word is also just a word. It's all about context. Think about if your name was a synonym for sh*tty. It just doesn't feel good. I'm not gay myself, but I still think it's important.

Homophobe: i think that its none of your business what I say 

Me: I think that it actually is, cos clearly it's public. If you said something that maligns a group of people when you could just use a different word and not malign them, I think there's no truly important reason why you shouldn't change it. Give me a truly good justification for why you said it, I'll be gone.

Homophobe: I don't need to justify f*ck all to you

Me: If that's how you feel, fine. But really, it's too bad you have to be that juvenile to enjoy using a word that so slyly negative towards people just 'cause of who they love. Really, it's too bad you have to make it about prejudice. If you just would say "too bad" or "that sucks" or any other phrase instead, really, I'd congratulate you. There is no good reason to call tonsillitis gay.

My friend: Woah. Guys. Chill. I'm sick. It sucks. Get over it. There's no reason for an argument over fb. Seriously.

Homophobe: oh sweety, if i wanted a moral compass, I'd buy one

They were so egotistical they couldn't consider another view point, let alone counter me with anything other than mean, desperate interjections without evidence to back them up. 

I agree with Jamie Kilstein's idea to make adamant homophobes have labels. Wherever they go.
Julianna xoxo

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