Thursday, 14 April 2011

Day 2 of Poetry

Notice I removed "Crap" from the title. That's cos I actually like these poems a bit. They make me sound deep. Also, I managed to make the third one basically entirely based on Sweeney Todd. I even fit in a lyric from Pirelli's Miracle Elixir. *cackles*

Mr. Pirelli. He makes an elixir of piss and ink.

So here, I basically took 3 lines and wrote 4 more lines after each one. The lines I chose were:

Belief is a Doorway, Pain is an Ocean, and Jealousy is a Razor.

Now that I think of it, all these poems are about dying. Hmph...

By the way, if people want to do poetry-ish things on their blogs or on their own, go ahead. It makes you feel more intelligent than you really are. Like if you listen to Bach or Mozart by your own volition.

So here are the poems:

Belief is a doorway
A doorway believed to give golden tickets
To send you to a paradise above
But the abuse and misuse of power often leads
To the bloody murder of a peace-bringing dove

Pain is an ocean
Endless in depth, yet from above
It seems shallow and flat
For only once one has drowned and died in the sorrow of the salty waters
Does one know of the anguish pain brings

Jealousy is a razor
Slitting the throats of those who pick it up
For if you slip on the blood of its previous owner
You nick the skin
Beyond repair

Julianna xo

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