Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A Load of Fancy Words

Ok. Here it goes.
Proliferate- To produce, reproduce.
Fatuous- Silly.
Binnacle- The holder of a ship's compass.
Usurp- To take something away from someone wrongly.
Deployment- The spreading of something (e.g. the deployment of troops in a war).
Impromptu- Having to do with spontaneous improvisation.
AGA- A British cooking appliance store.
Ghee- A type of clarified butter made in countries like India and Bangladesh.
Chicken Tikka Bhuna- Indian Chicken Curry dish that looks like this...
Peas Pilau- Peas and cooked rice
Enamel- Coating to protect metal
Humbrol- A sort of arts/paint store, which sells enamel paint
GPO- General Post Office
Norweigian Cheese Slicer- This thing.
Horlicks- Malted milk substance thing. It comes in a jar and is made for UK, India, Jamaica, and a lot of other places other than North America.

Rawlplugs- Those weird plastic things used to put together Ikea furniture.

Unassailable- Undefeatable.
Emulsion- The mixture of two unblendable liquids.
Terrazzo- Speckled rock flooring originally used in churches. Now used in malls alot.
Monastic- Relating to religion (nuns, monks etc.).
Moto Guzzi- A gorgeous motorcycle company.
John Lewis- They sell everything, like a deluxe version of Wal-Mart. British. 
Redolent- Reminiscent (e.g. The artist's painting was redolent of their childhood).
Bemoan- Moan. Often humourous.
Manqué- Failed to live up to expectations. (pronounced Mun-kah)
Obsolescent- When something is not used, although it is in perfect working order. 
Bespoke- Suggests or shows evidence. Past tense. (e.g. His writing bespoke that he wasn't very organized).
Antimacasser- That thing on a train seat that guards the head rest from dirt. Yes, there's a WORD for it. Also used as a name for when you have a piece of cloth on a chair or something do protect the fabric.
Wantonly- Childish.
Concertina- Accordion-like instrument.
Zealous- Enthusiastic.
Malodorous- Bad smelling.
Samovar- Metal container for hot drinks.
Maglev- Magnetic train system.
Eponymous- When something is named after something (e.g. The Pythagorean Theorem was named after Pythagorus).
Visceral- Adjective relating to the guts & nervous system. (e.g. Visceral pain).
Coevals- To be the near the same time as (e.g. The Beatles were coeval with the Vietnam War).
Chassis- Base frame of anything that rolls on wheels.
Atrophy- To waste away. Often refers to senior degeneration, in my experience. 
Jacquesie- This is a name, I think. It sounded like another word, so James May put it in with his rant. 
Inexorable- Impossible to stop.
Drubbing- Hit or beat repeatedly.
Exodus- Massive load of immigration (e.g. The exodus of the Pioneers).
Contraflow- Traffic flows that are opposite each other.
Menial- Mundane chores. Associated with everyday life.
Obfuscate-  To make something unclear.
Ephemeral- Adjective for something that lasts a very small amount of time.
Placate- To make someone less angry.
Chunter- To mutter. British.
Despatch- Dispatch. To send someone or something off for a purpose.
Instigate- Initiate.
Gauntlet- A glove with a long, loose wrist.
Phat- Excellent.
Helm- The steering device of a boat.
Thrum- Monotonal drone of noise.
Slovenly- Habitually messy and careless.
Garner- To gather or collect.
Lament- A passionate expression of grief and sorrow.
Banal- Lacking in originality, boring.
Perusal- The reading or examination of something (e.g. the perusal of a document).
Abject- Extremely bad, degrading.
Spectre- A ghost (American: specter).
Cloy- Sickening with sweetness (e.g. The syrupy voice in the ad was extremely cloying.) 
Barney- To argue.
Orvieto- Small town in Italy. Makes wine.
Camaraderie- Mutual trust/friendship between people who spend lots of time around each other.
Crockery- Plates, dishes, cups etc. Especially if they're made of earthenware or china. 
Balked- Hesitate at a task.
Oche- The line dart players have to stand behind to throw the dart.
Burnished- Polish by rubbing. Past tense.
Flagrant- Obviously offensive (e.g. A flagrant bad fashion sense).
Fuselage- Main body of an aircraft.
Crofter- One who owns a small rented farm (especially in Scotland).
Magnate-A wealthy and influential person.
Stagnate- To cease the flow of a liquid.
Bollards- A short thick post on a ship to which the rope is tied.
Poncey- Pompous, extravagant.
Thorax- The bit of body between the neck and the abdomen.
Proxy- The authority to represent someone else (The Governor General is a proxy for the Queen of England). 
Po-faced- Humorless and disapproving.
The AA- Car service.
Blackballed- Rejected
Crankshaft- A shaft driven by a crank. I feel stupid now.
Irrevocably- Unchangeably.
Dissent- To express an opinion not held by the majority (e.g. John dissented from the group when he said he didn't believe in gravity).
Presaged- Foreshadowed (typically for bad luck).
Irrefutable- Impossible to deny or disprove (e.g. It is irrefutable that Henry the 8th is now dead).
Prevailing- To prove more powerful than opposing forces. 
Effrontery- Insolence.
Rectitude- Morally correct behaviour. Noun.
Hackneyed- Lack of significance through being overused. Unoriginal and trite (e.g. Life is like a box of chocolates is a hackneyed quote). 
Mangle- To mutilate, disfigure or damage.
Pillock- A stupid person. British.
Brogues- Strong outdoor leather shoes with ornamental patterns.
Provenance- The earliest known place of origin of something.
Gauche- Unsophisticated and socially awkward.
Feral- Wild, especially after escape from captivity.
Contravention- An action that violates the law. 
Adage- A truthful proverb (e.g. Out of side out of mind is an adage).
Tenet- Principle or belief.
Ordure- Poo.
Squalor- The state of being extremely dirty and unpleasant as a result of poverty.
Drudge- A person who does menial work (e.g. She was a drudge around the house).  
Denouement- The final resolution of the intricacies of a plot in a drama or novel.
Biffer- Attacking batsman in Cricket.
Missives- Letters, especially long or official ones (e.g. The student wrote a missive to the Senate).
Temerity- Excessive confidence. Audacity.
Chicanery- The use of trickery to achieve a political, financial, or legal purpose.
Treatise- A written work dealing formally and systematically with a subject.
Undulate- Waving motion.
Fallibility- The ability to make mistakes. 
Blight- A plant disease, especially one caused by fungi.
Mire- A stretch of swampy or boggy ground.
Ostensibly- Apparently, but perhaps not actually.
Sartorial- Relating to tailoring, clothing, or style of dress.
Virile- Strong, slightly horny.
Adherance- Stick to.
Chicane- An artificial narrowing or turn on a road or auto-racing course.
Carburretors-A device in an internal combustion engine for mixing air with a fine spray of liquid fuel.
Ergonomics- Study of the efficiency of people in their work environments.
Austere- Strict in manner.
Facade- Face of a building, or a deceptive front.
Vestibule- A hall or lobby next to the outer door of a building. 
Allusion- Talking about something subtly without actually saying what it is blatantly, or an unnoticed reference (e.g. An allusion to a song) 
Adversary- Opponent.
Baled- Bail (as in "to bail someone out of jail").
Nacelle- A separate streamlined enclosure on an aircraft for sheltering the crew or cargo or housing an engine.
Cowlings- A removable cover for an aircraft or vehicle engine.
Rabble- A disorderly crowd.
Taper- A slender candle, or a gradual narrowing.
Lumbar- Relating to the lower part of the back.
Assimilated- Take in and understand fully (e.g. Assimilate a culture).
Disseminated- Spread and dispersed widely.
Ambience- The character and atmosphere of a place.
Disincentive- Something that discourages.
Castor- A reddish-brown substance secreted from beavers used in medicine and beavers.
Telemetry- The apparatus for recording the readings of an instrument and transmitting them by radio.
Cosset- Care for and protect in an overindulgent way.
Plinth- A heavy base supporting a large statue or vase.
Camber- The slightly arched shape of a road or other horizontal surface.
Encumber- Burden to the point of restricting movement.
Ancillaries- People that provide extra support for an organization (e.g. Ancillaries help the psych ward of the hospital). 
Pinion- The outer part of a bird's wing including the flight feathers.
Tumult- A loud, confused noise. Also confusion and disaster.
Bung- Stopper (for closing containers).
Levied- Imposed, forced.
Palpably- Touchably, noticeably.
Sleight- Cunning, dexterity, especially when talking about logic (e.g. The sleight of Occam's Razor).
Rostrum- A platform for a speaker to stand on. 
Sundry- Assorted (e.g. tomatoes and sundry herbs).
Paddock- A small field used to contain horses.
Immutable- Unchanging or unable to be changed over time.
Fetid- Extremely unpleasant smelling.
Microcosm- A small area within a place that sums up the characteristics of the entire place (e.g. Berlin is a microcosm or Germany).
Harbinger- a person who goes ahead and makes known the approach of another; herald.
Layby- A paved area beside a main road where cars can stop temporarily.
Peasouper- A brand of dry-smoke machine.
Integral-1. Necessary 2. Built in 3. Comprehensive, Complete.
Wield- To hold or handle (e.g. Wield a sword, or Wield power).
Errant- Offending, disobedient.
Proffer- To hold out something to someone.
Enroachment- Intrusion.
Reputedly- The general opinion held of something or someone (e.g. Donald Trump is a reputedly terrible man).
Bolstered- Part of a vehicle or tool to provide structural support.
Edifices- Large imposing buildings.
Omnipotently- Adverb of to be able to have unlimited power.
Vaned- When a wheel-like machine part has blades (e.g. propeller, windmill etc.).
Bezel- A grooved ring holding the glass or plastic cover of a watch face or other instrument in position.
Clandestine- Done secretly, especially when done illegally.
Derelict- In very poor condition due to neglect or abuse.
Affluence- An abundant flow or supply.
Aggrieved- Feeling resentment after being treated unfairly.
Gaffer- Chief electrician in a TV production or an old man.
Posterity- All future generations of people (e.g. The results of hurricanes are recorded for posterity).
Astern- Towards or behind the rear of a ship or aircraft.
Platoon- A subdivision of a company of soldiers, usually forming a tactical unit that is commanded by a lieutenant and divided into several sections.
Auxiliary- Providing addition support.
Winch- A winch is a mechanical device that is used to pull in or let out or otherwise adjust the "tension" of a cable. In its simplest form it consists of a spool and attached hand crank
Flay- Peel the skin off of (especially if it's a corpse or carcass).
Indomitably- Adjective version of undefeatable.
Ingress- The entrance or integration of something. In British, the introduction of unwanted things such as toxins, foreign bodies, etc. Noun.
Silty- Adjective of something that is like fine sand or clay that is carried through water to become sediment.
Parlance- A particular way of speaking.
Extraneous- Adjective version of the word irrelevant.
Devoid- Entirely lacking or free from (e.g. devoid of chicken pox).
Ignominy- Disgrace.
Flog- To strike. But in Britain, it's a slang for sell (e.g. To flog more tickets to my concerts).
Portent- A warning that something momentous and/or terrible is going to happen.
Environ- To surround. 
Parp- British slang for fart.
Repatriation- The sending of someone back to their own country.
Folly- Foolish. Noun.
Expedient- An action that is convenient, but possibly improper or immoral. 
Hovel- A small simply constructed dwelling. 
Imbue- Inspire or pervade a certain feeling.
Pukka- Genuine.
Dour- Relentlessly severe, stern, or gloomy in manner or appearance.
Puffa Jacket- A proper puffy jacket. 
Albatross- Turns out they look like this...
Earmarked- When you mark an animal on the ear for ownership or identity purposes.
Evocative- Brings strong images or feelings to mind.
Ford- Verb. To cross a body of water at a shallow place.
Contention- Heated disagreement.
Timorous- Suffering from timidness, fear, lack of self confidence.
Hapless- Unfortunate.
Squiffy- British. Slightly drunk.
Geyser- A hot spring in which water intermittently boils, sending a tall column of water and steam into the air.
Foray- A sudden attack into enemy territory.
Intrepid- Fearless, adventurous.
Harmonium- Keyboard instrument. Like a mini organ.
Primaeval- Resembling the earliest ages of time.
Hamlet- A small settlement (smaller than a village).
Leitmotif- A recurring theme throughout a literary or musical composition associated with a particular person, idea, or situation.
Renegade- Someone who deserts and betrays an organization.
Sump- A pit to collect liquid.
Purport- Falsely claim to be or do something (e.g. He purports that he is far younger than he is). 
Raffishly- Unconventional and slightly unrespectable, especially in an attractive manner (e.g. Dylan Moran is raffish).

And that concludes my very long list of fancy words. So there.
Julianna xo

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