Thursday, 2 June 2011

I quite love planning

I really love planning. A lot. I'm going to a Tim Minchin gig tomorrow, and I've drawn myself a map. There's something very concise and cool about a map, writing your own symbols and such. If you look, I drew a cutesy version of Tim Minchin's face, indicating the theatre.

I'm also putting things in bags, setting up my outfit, etc. It's all in anticipation. Tomorrow, I see my online friends as well as my school friends, at a restaurant downtown. I see Tim Minchin for the 3rd time, and for the first time since I traveled all the way from Toronto to Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK for him. I really must see his reaction when I see him again backstage (assuming he does go backstage). I wonder if he'll hug me, make faces at me, or plain forget I went to see him. Anyways, he's talented guy, and the music is going to be incredible.

Julianna xoxo

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