Thursday, 3 March 2011

I'm thinking I'm gonna do this a lot

Trying to blog every day. That's the idea.

And I always am obsessed with learning about more music, or where music has come from, or just generally good bands. So I'm gonna take the list of bands I got from the kids in my geography class and name one band with one song a day. Unless I've got something better to tell you about, like a show of some sort or something hilarious or outrageous I saw.

So this is mostly gonna be a bunch of music the average teens with good taste in music (well, good taste in my judgement) listen to. If you're like me & want a new song to listen to, fabulous, you just found the place. If this song isn't new, tomorrow's probably will be.

So today's song is Sleepyhead by Passion Pit. You may have heard this ear-piercing song on television as an ad for something... I don't remember what, but it had a blue and white background & snowboarders. I think it was for Playstation, but I could easily be wrong.

I like this song for its random high pitched singing, and for its model of how techno-pop stuff can actually be good, not simply stuttering for 4 minutes (sorry, but so much stuff is it makes me sick). It also has managed to get bells, music-box like instruments & cool harmonies in a semi-popular song. I commend them for this.

Here's a YouTube link...

Julianna xo

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