Monday, 28 February 2011

Citizen Radio & more Jamie Kilstein

Just wanted to say I'm kind of amazed today. In chronological order:

1. The Oscars were quite good. And Shaun Tan won the Animated Short Film category with "The Lost Thing" and he mentioned Tim Minchin in his speech. I danced around a bit, I'll admit. Really happy for them.

2. Jamie Kilstein mentioned me on Citizen Radio!!!!!! Definitely made my day. I spazzed, I'll  admit. I was in a library when my friend Sarah V posted on my wall, so I was like "YES!!!" but then people looked at me a bit strange, so I really couldn't celebrate much. No parties in the library. Mehhhhh.

Here's the exact conversation:
J: We met an awesome 14 year old fan who came out... uh, oddly good dresser
A: Alright.
J: Yeah, I was just like, kinda taken aback
A: Like in what way... like a little suit or...?
J: No. She just had like a really cool like little hat, and like a nice little outfit... and she convinced her Mo-
A: Stylish.
J: She was stylish.
A: Yes.
J: Aaand she convinced her Mum to bring her... and I guess she found me cos she was a fan of Tim Minchin...
A: Mmhmm.
J: And her Mom...
A: That would be the good dressing part.
J: Yep. And her Mom... she didn't want her Mom to come in becauuse, uh... maybe she was crampin' her style
A: *amused breath (aka semi laugh)*
J: Or she thought she would be horrifically offended. But uh... so her Mum just sat & read her book
A: Aww
J: In the lobby. And so I asked to meet her Mom, and I just kinda thanked her cos like... and she was so sweet & really funny and I was like "Oh you would've f**king loved the show".
A: *amused breath (aka semi laugh)*
J: But I was like, my Dad used to do that.
A: Yeah...
J: Like he used to drive me to concerts, get me in, stand in the back, pretend to like it, and uh... it's just like one of the coolest things a parent can do.
A: Yeah.
J: Um... yeah, so that was awesome & I also got to tell her that, uh... y'know me & Minchin are like friends, and y'know I realize every time I hang out with Tim, it's not like "Hey... f**kin, the ladies are gone, let's talk about p*ssy..." No. We just talk about how much we love our wives.
A: *laughs*
J: And her Mom thought that was like the cutest thing ever.
A: Yeah, Tim's a good guy.
J:Yeah. And so...

*it goes on after this*

By the way, I have a picture of the stylish hat (and outfit) he speaks of...

So yeah... he liked my favourite hat. Made me happy. And yes, that IS a button of a sock puppet.

Julianna xoxo

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  1. Here's the link, your mention starts @ 24:30. YAY!